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The Most Beautiful 10 Gradient Formal Dresses

by XiaoLong Wu 22 Apr 2019

Have you been tired of a certain color for a formal dress? maybe it's time for you to try gradient formal dress.

Recent years, there are more and more gradient formal dresses in the fashion trending list. And for the fabric, there are more and more great choices: gradient chiffon, gradient tulle, gradient sequins and more.

Gradient formal dresses comprise gradients of different colors dyed together into a single piece of fabric, so this way make an unique beauty because of the clash from different colors .
The formal dresses can feature underlying color that fades into complimentary colors.

There are several popular gradient colors you can find in the formal dresses trending :
Blue-white, Black-Red, Black-white.

Personally, I like the deep colors matched together, because it can bring people hot visual impact, catch people's attention.

Check out our gradient formal dresses collections, to see if there is your style.


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