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Beautiful Lace Applique Accessories

by XiaoLong Wu 12 Mar 2019

Today, we want to share some details about lace applique which are always sewed on beautiful formal  dresses 2019. I know there are many people like to use lace applique to be sewed on their dress or skirt or T-shirt that add a little romance or fashion, today, we are focus on the trending that lace appliques on formal gowns. 

“Appliqués", it's a romantic word, and yes, formal dresses with lace appliques are always looks   more elegance.

There are 4 kinds of lace Appliques we always use.

Normal Chemical  Lace Applique.

This is one of the most commonly used lace applique. Simple, and many different patterns, It can be easily to be sewed on different formal dresses fabric. Sometimes, we need to dye the lace appliques' color to match the exact formal dresses color. 

(This cute lavender formal dress is with white chemical lace applique)



 Corded Lace Appliques

Do you see any difference between chemical lace applique and corded lace applique?

Our formal dress with corded lace applique:



Flowers Lace Appliques.

The price of the flowers lace applique usually is more expensive than other lace appliques, but flowers lace appliques are more 3D, 



Embroidery Lace Applique

What's kind of lace applique do you like most?

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