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15 Beautiful and Fashionable High Low Party Dresses

by XiaoLong Wu 31 Jul 2019

Hello, today, I would like to share some interesting and useful information about high low party dress. As there are lots of our customers are interested in high low formal dresses, so we think this article can let you guys to know more about them to help you choose an appropriate dress for the party you will attend.

High low dresses are in trend nowadays, and they are popular as formal dresses too. There is about 1/4 of our customers choose high low party dress as their formal dresses to attend different parties.

High Low Dress, people also define it as asymmetrical dress. These dresses are with hem higher in front and lower in back. Usually, it is about knee length in front (high) and mid-calf in the back (low). Some high low dresses may have train in back.

Compared to a gown(a full length formal dress), high low formal dress would be a better choice for semi-formal party, such as homecoming dance, graduation,Christmas dance party, cocktail party, because high low party dress is fancy, but not too fancy. And it's easy to move and dance.

Another highlight of high low party dress is it is almost good for all of body figures, no matter your size is S  or XXL size, you can try this style party dress, you will find some surprise.

Here is a great collection of 15 pretty high low formal dresses, go to check and have a look, I believe these beautiful  and chic high low party dresses can give you some inspirations for your semi-formal wear.

Wine Red Halter High Low Stylish Homecoming Dresses,

Charming Blue High Low Round Neckline Stylish Party Dress

Beautiful Tulle Red Sequins High Low Party Dresses

 Straps Pink Homecoming Dress High Low Party Dress,

Gorgeous High Low Satin Homecoming Dress

 Off Shoulder Tulle And Lace High Low Homecoming Dress 2019

Black High Low Tulle And Applique Fashion Homecoming Dresses

Ice Blue Off Shoulder High Low Party Dresses

Cute Light Purple Tulle High Low Formal Dress 2019

Red Sweetheart High Low Tulle And Lace Party Dress 2019,

Wine Red Pretty High Low Party Dress

If you want to have a look more pretty high low formal dresses, you can check search" high low party dress" in our site.

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